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The benefits of using a BSPC member firm are many and varied, but all are designed to get results. Locally based, your BSPC solicitor is a reliable authority on house prices and current market trends.

Tips & Advice for Sellers

Tips & Advice For Sellers

  • Fix, Clean & Refurbish

Fix any problem areas in your property, dowdy decoration etc, paying particular attention to the outside of the front of the house – the all important kerb appeal.   Clean from top to bottom, including windows, and if need be, refurbish the kitchen and bathroom as these are the two rooms that sell houses.

  • Declutter & De-personalise Your Home

De-clutter and reduce furniture and accessories down to a minimum. Store items you don’t want to part with – and be ruthless with things you no longer need and pass them on to a charity shop or sell them on.  De-personalise your home as much as possible by removing photographs and personal items.   You want viewers to be able to visualize their photographs on the mantelpiece, not yours.

  • Dress to Impress

When everything else is done, dress your home for viewings.   Add fresh new towels and soaps in the bathroom; new cushions and a perhaps a new throw on the sofa; invest in some pretty pot plants or hanging baskets for around the front door (these are not fixtures so you can take them with you), a new doormat or hall runner, for example.

When viewers arrive, give them space and time to take in the house before you highlight special features.  Don’t use harsh overhead lighting; softer background lighting is far kinder. And if you have a fire be sure to light it (real or otherwise) to help create a welcoming ambience.

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If you are thinking of selling contact your local BSPC Solicitor - only a Solicitor can offer you a marketing campaign that includes advertising...

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Your property deserves the best and most comprehensive service possible.  BSPC offers an unbeatable property advertising package designed to sell your property.

Contact a BSPC Solicitor - put your property in safe hands.

Selling property requires the services of a Solicitor and estate agent - but why pay twice? Contact a BSPC Solicitor »

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  I thought selling my home was going to be so much harder than it was. The BSPC gave me useful advice before it went on the market and arranged the Home Report for me - and having a long overdue clear out was therapeutic!  

Borders Solicitors Property Centres

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