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Market comment from BSPC Chairman David Kilshaw following the EU Referendum

06 July 2016

"No matter which way you voted on 23rd June, it is now clear that the national UK economy is facing a short period of upheaval following the decision of the UK to leave the European Union - and that in turn has brought back on to the table the vexed issue of Scottish independence. While markets generally hate going through uncertain times, the good news for the housing market is that the UK banking system is in very much better shape than was the case at the beginning of the credit crunch in 2008, and therefore mortgage funds ought to be readily available at very low rates of interest. Another upside for sellers in the Borders is that there is a shortage of properties in certain sectors of the market and that ought to stimulate demand. Ready access to affordable loans in a seller’s market usually points to a busy period with lots of activity across all price ranges.”

He adds: “The housing market in the Borders has recovered strongly over the last several years and house prices have held up well. I would expect the market to show the same resilience in the months to come - and for house prices to continue on a steady upward trend through the autumn of 2016 and into the spring of next year, by which time the way forward for the whole of the Scottish economy should be much clearer.”

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